Organize Space with Versatile Plastic Storage Racks

Staying organized is key to maintaining a productive and efficient environment in this time and age. Thus, plastic storage racks are becoming increasingly popular as storage solutions due to their variety and convenience. In Sri Lanka, where space is often a valuable commodity, storage racks help maximize every inch available. They allow you to make […]

The Durability of Plastic Pallets: A Cost-Effective Solution for Srilankan Businesses

Plastic pallets and skids are a common alternative to wooden pallets, which are traditionally used in Sri Lanka, due to their durability and extended lifespan. Businesses can save money over time by making an investment in plastic pallets by cutting down on maintenance and replacement costs. We will discuss the resilience of plastic pallets and […]

Why are JTC Aluminium Ladders the best choice for household and industrial use?

We at JTC will be answering this question with a series of questions which will clarify as to why aluminium ladders are the best choice for household and industrial usage. We will be showing you as to why investing in high quality aluminium ladders will be your best decision as they will last for years […]

JTC Plastic Crates – Best for Agricultural Use in Sri Lanka

Using plastic crates for the agricultural industry has many benefits especially in the case of Sri Lanka. The adoption of plastic crates for the harvesting, transportation and storage of locally grown produce leads to cutting down of wastage of damaged produce and has many health benefits too. Plastic crates are also safer to use, are […]

Office Storage Solutions: How to Make your Office Efficient?

You’d think that by now, everything would be saved online, yet many offices still need a lot of Storage Space for day to day activities. The most important being the storage of hard copies of crucial documents. Unorganized paperwork is probably the biggest nuisance in most workplaces. It’s all too easy to find your office […]