Do you struggle to lug your shopping up two flights of stairs each time? Or do your muscles ache from carrying goods across the warehouse? 

Fear not; for we have stair-climber trolleys to make your shopping sprees effortless and an extensive range of heavy-duty warehouse trolleys to move your every product!

These two categories are just some of the eighty-nine different trolleys JTC offers. We literally have each and every trolly you could think of which ensures that you have the right trolley for your task every time!

Heavy Duty Warehouse Use

Investing in high quality trolleys for your logistic purposes will be the best decision you could make. JTC has a collection of trolleys to make each step of moving heavy loads around your warehouse efficient and easy. Be it unloading or loading, moving or lifting, we have the complete set of trolleys for all your uses. 

Our Hydraulic Scissor Lift will assist you in safely reaching the heavy object you have on a raised platform with a simple lever raising the base of the platform. When you want to get up to the raised platform, forget carrying and setting up ladders as we have the Logistics Trolley with Steps and Portable Safety Staircase. As for moving your goods to and fro in your warehouse, our Steel Cargo Folding Trolley will take care of your heavy and cumbersome loads and our 2 Wheel Goods Cart could be used for smaller goods and regular usage.


Offices and schools don’t strike us as places where we will need trolleys as they are mostly related to supermarkets and warehouses. However, JTC has trolleys which are specifically made for purposes related to office spaces. 

Trust us when we say that our Library/File Storage Trolley is a must have, as this trolley will make moving those files around effortless, thus increasing productivity and the morale of your staff. A must have for schools as well, especially for libraries and for administrative purposes.

Another quality product we have is the Janitor Housekeeping Trolley with a rugged and durable frame and three sturdy storage racks and a removable bag for all kinds of janitorial duties. Our Stainless Steel 3 Tier Dining Trolley will be best suited for kitchens and mess halls for storage and moving of food and utensils.

Adventurous Camper

Camping and picnicking is solely for having fun and definitely doesn’t include straining your back carrying your equipment and supplies. No harm done, as JTC has your back with a Portable Travel Cart with large wheels to get around easily in different terrain. It also folds down, easily fitting into your car’s trunk with the rest of your luggage.

Another extremely useful trolley we have is the Folding Bucket Trolley which can double as your storage and can also be easily rolled around to make your picnic a literal walk in the park.


How many times have you faced the tiresome task of carrying boxes, laundry, furniture and countless other items from room to room or floor to floor? Well, those feelings will become a distant memory after you invest in a JTC trolley and you experience the ease and comfort.

Our All Purpose Handy Trolley will help you in moving heavy objects around safely. The handle can be adjusted to three different heights and the plate itself can be expanded to make space for more goods. It is truly handy, for you can fold it up fully and store the trolley in a narrow space like a cupboard or a trunk of a car.

You may think that a trolley becomes useless when you have stairs, but look again as we have a full range of stair climber trolleys specifically for this use. Our Aluminium Folding Mini Shopping Trolley with Stair Climber is perfect for keeping your shopping bags inside and getting them up the stairs and our Portable Stair Climber Folding Aluminium Hand Cart will take care of the rest of the bulky goods you want to take up the stairs.


Supermarkets are synonymous with trolleys as how else will you carry all those weekly supplies you need for your home. JTC has the best and highest quality range of trollies and wheel baskets to make sure that all of your customers have the best experience at your store!

Our Supermarket Trolleys come in various sizes with a Baby Trolley of 20L and other normal trolleys of 60L, 100L, 125L, and 150L. We have Steel and Plastic baskets and Wheel Basket to complete our range of Supermarket trolleys,

We hope we have convinced you of our claim that we have trolleys for your every need. If you have any doubts left, visit our website and scroll through our extensive range of trolleys and see for yourself!


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