Why are JTC Aluminium Ladders the best choice for household and industrial use?

We at JTC will be answering this question with a series of questions which will clarify as to why aluminium ladders are the best choice for household and industrial usage. We will be showing you as to why investing in high quality aluminium ladders will be your best decision as they will last for years to come and are safe for you and your employees or household who will be using them.

Are Aluminium ladders lightweight?

Aluminium is a material which is much lighter than other ladder making materials such as steel or wood, thus making the Aluminium ladder lightweight and easy to handle. 

Most aluminium ladders can even be handled just by a single person making them the best choice for household usage. They are easy to transport, in setting up, taking down and are easy to move around making them valuable for a variety of tasks.

Are Aluminium ladders durable and strong?

Given that they are lightweight, the question arises as to are they capable of carrying heavy weights and being stable? The answer is that Aluminium is an incredibly strong material which can be considered for long term usage. In addition to that, JTC Heavy Duty Ladders come with extra brazings on each step, making them best for heavy and industrial usage.

Can Aluminium ladders be stored and used outside?

As Sri Lanka has a predominantly wet and humid climate, certain materials can corrode quite easily, but you can rest your fears as aluminium is not a corrosive metal. Aluminium ladders will remain free from rust and corrosion if you store them outdoors. If you’re on the lookout for a trustworthy ladder which will last for many years then look no further than JTC Aluminium ladders. They are a valuable asset and a great return on your investment.

What are the choices available for Aluminium ladders?

You will be spoilt for choice as JTC has an extensive range of Aluminium ladders from three steps to eight-step Household Aluminium ladders and six-feet to fifteen-feet Heavy Duty Aluminium ladders. All of our different types of Aluminium ladders have a variety of features, so you can browse through our collection and find the perfect choice for your specific usage.

We also deal in Extended Electrician Aluminium ladders with total sizes of 10 feet, 12 feet, 15 feet, 18 feet, 20 feet, 22.5 feet, 24 feet, 30 feet, and 40 feet with most of them available in Heavy Duty versions too. 

Telescopic Ladder – 2.9m

We also stock Telescopic Aluminium Ladders, which can be unlocked section by section, tailor-made for your every need. This unique benefit of this ladder is its easy portability, as it can retract to upto quarter of its height. This can be transported easily in your car’s boot and storage is much easier as you will not have to accommodate for the height of normal ladders.

JTC Multi Purpose Aluminium Ladder (4 x 3) – 12ft

JTC also has Multi Purpose Aluminium Ladders which can be used as Step ladder, Extension ladder, Platform, Extended span scaffold, Stairwell scaffold, Full extended straight ladder and Double side step ladder. It also can be changed into many different shapes to meet different height requirements and working needs. These ladders are safe and reliable as they are made from heavy-duty industrial-grade aluminium with square rungs and supporting tubes which makes this folding ladder stable and durable.

In conclusion of our answer to the question as to why JTC Aluminium Ladders are the best choice for household and industrial use, we state the reasons given above that they are lightweight, durable and sturdy, are corrosion-proof and the fact that you will have a wide range of ladders to choose from.

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